Innovation Hub


During my summer internship with Innovation Hub at WGBH in Boston, I wrote blog posts for show segments, wrote a weekly newsletter for show subscribers, edited audio, as well as researched and produced a couple of segments for shows that aired in fall 2017.

For this segment about Evangelicals, I did all the research to find the guests, Darren Dochuk and Darren Williams. I wrote the questions and did the first round of editing for the segment on Audition. During the interview, I was present in the studio and made sure the interview was running smoothly, on time and with relevant questions.

I helped produce and edit this segment with Adam Tanner. I researched Tanner and pitched his book and the interview to my bosses at Innovation Hub. Once it was approved, I went through the process of booking Adam for an interview which required requesting an ISDN with an NPR studio in New York. I also wrote the questions for the interview, the host lede and edited the interview on Audition.

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