PRX + Radiotopia

I’m currently the marketing coordinator for Radiotopia from PRX, working with blog writing social media, and all things marketing. In Fall 2018, I started as the marketing intern for PRX/Radiotopia. I worked a lot with content, mainly social media, newsletters and the blog. Here are a few blog posts that I pitched, edited, researched and wrote the questions/conducted the interviews for:

Oct, 5, 2018: Celebrating 100 Episodes of Criminal!

Oct. 16, 2018: What’s in My Buds? With Avery Trufelman of ‘99% Invisible’ and ‘Articles of Interest’

Nov. 5, 2018: Vote for Radiotopia: A Playlist for Election Day

Nov. 20, 2018: Inside the Podcast Studio with Everything is Alive

Dec. 12, 2018: Celebrating 100 Episodes of How to Be Amazing with Michael Ian Black


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