During my time freelancing I was a freelance news writer and producer at WBUR, after interning with newscast in Spring 2018. I wrote, fact-checked and edited scripts to be read on air during the news hour. I also recorded, conducted and edited interviews. Here are a few scripts and segments that I wrote while freelancing and as an intern, which were aired live on WBUR.

I wrote this cut script about the United Legal Defense Fund expanding to include both Cambridge and Somerville. I also conducted the interview and edited the cut.

I wrote this cut script about MBTA officials preparing for the evening commuter after a March snowstorm. I also did the research regarding power outages and delays at Logan Airport. It was read on air on March 4th, 2019.

For this article for WBUR’s CommonHealth blog, I conducted, transcribed and edited the interview for publication:
Study Adds To Concerns About Hair Products Black Women Use

I went to the Massachusetts State House to speak to student gun control activists who were asking their representatives to pass the Extreme Risk Protective Orders. This segment aired on WBUR’s morning edition on March 29th, 2018.

A profile about Frank Avruch, a television personality and staple of Boston’s entertainment scene for over 40 years. I wrote and recorded the script, picked the cuts and edited this profile together.

Aired on February 28th, 2018. I wrote this cut script, conducted research by speaking to multiple coastal communities, oversaw the interview and edited the clip on deadline.

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